4. Oktober 2010

No Ridiculous Car Trips in Hamburg Anymore - The Role of Marketing

No ridiculous car trips from Martin Lang on Vimeo.

After election in 2008 the new government of the City of Hamburg started to improve the neglected cycle traffic. They promised to raise cycle traffic from 9% up to 18% in the year 2015. First success was the start of the bicycle rent system called StadtRAD in 2009, a project decided by the former government. Next year Hamburg will be European Green Capital.But the image of cycling in Hamburg is not the best. Cycle tracks are very bad, and even the green party as part of the city government fears to give cyclist good cycle lanes if car traffic space needs to decreased.
Cycling starts in the brain. To convince citizens to ride bikes instead of cars it needs some good marketing to change the image of cycle traffic in Hamburg. Munich requests the citizens to cycle with the bicycle capital campaign (Radlhautpstadt). Munich wants to be best city for cyclists. With the cycle campaign the cycle mayor of Munich provokes other cities like Berlin, Hamburg or Cologne. But at the moment Hamburg does not start into competition of being Germany´s best city for cyclists.
Between a good infrastructure and a cycle culture and the certainty to ride a bike even for car drivers must be a well-balanced proportion. Hamburg has to change it´s mind to make it easy building safer and better cycle infrastructure even on car lanes or on one or the other parking lot for and with more cyclists.
Besides Munich Malmö gives a pretty good example for a good cycle culture: No ridiculous car trips (more about Malmö campaign at copenhagenize.com).

Prof. Dr. Monheim, expert on cycle marketing, one of the inventors of the campaign "Radlust", knows how to improve cycle climate with good marketing. Interview with Prof. Dr. Mohnheim, Professor at University of Trier, about cycle marketing in Munich 2010:

What does Prof. Dr. Monheim think about Copenhagen? Here a little example of Copenhagen cycle marketing:
More at copenhagenize.com

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