1. Oktober 2010

Cargo Bikes Capture Hamburg - The Ultimate SUVs

Lastenfahrräder erobern Hamburg - Die besten SUVs

hamburgize.com / Stefan Warda
Nihola tested in Hamburg

 In the last few years cargo-bikes became visible in the streets of Hamburg. Nowadays in certain quarters cargo bikers carry children, cycle for shopping, transport a christmas tree home or can be seen for any other transport purpose. Nienstedten, Othmarschen, Ottensen, Altona, Schanze, St. Pauli, Neustadt, Eimsbüttel, Hoheluft, Eppendorf and Winterhude are the favorite districts of cargo bikes in Hamburg. Cargo bikes are very common in Danmark and the Netherlands, bad German cycle tracks and the bad cycle climate stopped using cargo bikes in Hamburg until now. In the last few years Hamburg cycle tracks became a little wider and meantime a few of them can even be used with cargo bikes. According to the German legislation (StVO) cargo bikers are allowed to use the normal lanes of the streets, if the cycle tracks are too small for them. For some cyclists this might be an additional option to ride a cargo bike - cycling in Hamburg is much easier and less dangerous if not using the odd cycle tracks.

Cargo bike at "Budni" St. Pauli

Cargo bike personalized of St Pauli fan

Shopping at Schulterblatt market with christianiabike
Christianiabike in a store in Ottensen - it is not a drive in. The cyclist feared to leave the little boy outside the store.

hamburgize.com / Stefan Warda
Nihola at Großneumarkt

Nihola in Ottensen

hamburgize.com / Stefan Warda
Testing nihola on Hamburg cycle tracks
Testfahrt mit Nihola auf "Radweg" in der Weidenallee

In the face of the Bicycle Strategy Paper for Hamburg conditions for cyclists might be improved in the next years and Hamburg is going to expect lots of cool bikes on the streets. Copenhagen and Amsterdam citizens have given up driving cars for riding very popular bakfiets or niholas or christianiabikes. Other cool quality cargo bikes are bullitt, jernhest, smarttrike, triobike or winther kangaroo. 25% of all families with two kids in Copenhagen own a cargo bike or a bicycle trailer. Hamburg has a big potential for green urban and sustainable mobility, if the city promotes using cargo bikes to transport children to kindergarten or playgrounds.

hamburgize.com / Stefan Warda
It is a great difference for a child´s perspective out of a bike or a car window. This child might also ride a bike as a grown-up.

hamburgize.com / Stefan Warda
SUV-traffic in Frederiksberg

hamburgize.com / Stefan Warda
Triobike on Copenhagen cycle track

hamburgize.com / Stefan Warda
Jernhest waiting for maintenence

Transport with bullitt in Vesterbro

hamburgize.com / Stefan Warda
Kangaroo at Frederiksberg shopping center

Bakfiets at Amsterdam central station
Smarttrike in Amsterdam

Cult bike

Meanwhile cyclists do not have to travel to Copenhagen or Amsterdam to get a good cargo bike. In Munich VELOCOMPANY cycle store at Schwabing is specialized only for cargo bikes, in Berlin several cycle stores have cargo bikes in their repertoire. In Hamburg niholas are offered at Liegeradstudio and christianiabikes can be bought at Flottbike. Hopefully the famous cargo bike manufacturers are going to show their bikes at one of the Hamburg cycling fairs. Fifty christianiabikes are sold per year at Flottbike, but the number is increasing. Hamburg needs more cargo bikes.

hamburgize.com / Stefan Warda
Munich is ahead with the offer of cargo bike types. VELOCOMPANY offers the cool bullitts and is specialized for cargo bikes.

Flottbike offers christianiabike

Christianiabike at Flottbike show room in elegant steel frame

Nihola is waiting at Liegeradstudio

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