1. September 2010

Hamburg Started Undoing Dangerous Eyesores (2)

Typical crossing situation for cyclists in Hamburg. Cyclists take a shortcut via the sidewalk. Stresemannstraße at Ruhstraße some years ago.
Hamburg has a huge lack in building good bicycle infrastructure. Most of the cycle tracks are too narrow, at intersections cyclists need to do detours, pedestrians walk on the cycle tracks and car drivers don´t watch out for cyclists often enough.

At Stresemannstraße a very bad crossing had been moderated as renewal of the cycle tracks are still going on along that street up to Bahrenfelder Chaussee.

Due to the bad running of the cycle tracks at intersections cyclists do not follow the cycle track, but shorten the way via sidewalks. The new crossing for cyclists calm down conflicts between cyclists and pedestrians and don´t make car drivers uncertain about behavior of cyclists.

Stresemannstraße at Ruhrstraße before renewal.
Stresemannstraße: The normal cycle track in Hamburg is not made for trailers or cargo bikes.
Same intersection: Stresemannstraße at Ruhstraße after renewal 2010

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