27. August 2010

Campaigning for Cycling - Munich Beats Hamburg

Radlhauptstadt cycle check at Residenzstraße

"Radlhauptstadt" - capital of cycling, the title of Munich´s campaign to push cycle traffic in the Bavarian metropolis. With the campaign Munich challenges Hamburg in the ranking of best German cycle city among the cities with more than a million inhabitants. Hamburg promised to make it´s own campaign in the bicycle strategy for Hamburg (Radverkehrsstrategie für Hamburg) signed up in 2007. But half a year before being European Green Capital the promised campaign as a part of public relation for a better cycle climate is still missing.

Radlhauptstadt cycle check at Residenzstraße
 Free safety checks for bicycles are part of the Bavarian Radlhauptstadt campaign offered at hot spots of cycle traffic. The safety joker sticks out dressed in a blue suit and with his blue cargo bike. He tries to give attention for traffic safety and cycling. This week cycles could be checked at Odeonsplatz at Residenzstraße, Munich´s main cycle street with 15.000 cyclists per day, more cyclists than at any street in Hamburg.

Radlhauptstadt cycle check at Residenzstraße
Radlhauptstadt cycle check at Residenzstraße
Safety Joker near city hall
Safety Joker among cycle traffic near city hall

With the portion of cyclists of 14% at the time Munich tops Hamburg, where only 12.5 % take a cycle. Munich is ahead not only in promotion and number of cyclists. New cycle tracks are much wider and more comfortable than those in Hamburg.

Munich cycle chic at Dallmayr
Munich cycle chic
Munich cycle chic
Munich cycle chic
Bicycle parking in pedestrian zone
Cycling in pedestrian zone
15.000 cyclists per day in Residenzstraße

Cyclists in Residenzstraße
Wide and comfortable cycle lane in Seidlstraße
Cycle lane in Seidlstraße replaced a car lane
Wide and comfortable new cycle track in Marsstraße
Marsstraße with former cycle track some years ago
Postcard of the Radlhauptstadt campaign

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  1. Hey there,

    good to see a Northern view on the Munich campaign. As you know, I am also sceptical on some of the approaches. All in all, the focus on marketing over infrastructure is a very interesting approach.