24. August 2010

New Protection against Parking on Cycle Tracks

After redesign of cycle track in Stresemannstraße Hamburg uses new kind of protection against parking on cycle tracks. Parking on cycle tracks or cycle lanes is very common in Hamburg, however, and contrary to other countries Hamburg had allowed parking on many sidewalks or even on cycle tracks. Car drives have to watch out for a little traffic sign that indicates legal parking on sidewalks or cycle tracks.

Protection was disputed by cycle lobbyists, authorities and politicians. But without any controls of wrong parking on cycle tracks car drivers feel invited to misuse cycle tracks and lanes.

The new protection element is very small and does not damage cityscape like traditional fences or bars.
 Now the new elements are going to be tested for durability.

With the redesign cyclists lost the chance to lock their cycles at the former fences. Now the administration should look for an alternative of safe cycle parking.
Stresemannstraße some years ago with cycles parking on the cycle tracks.
Stresemannstraße, cycle tracks under construction.
The new cycle track, finished.

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