16. September 2010

Bike Culture Cities: No Green City Standards for Hamburg´s European Green Capital Traffic System

Fahrradstädte: Keine Umweltstandards für Hamburgs Umwelthauptstadtverkehrssystem

hamburgize.com / Stefan Warda
Hamburg city of cars. Cycling in Hamburg very often means to get off the cycle and push it.

 Talkmaster Schalthoff of Hamburg1 TV station invited politicians and members of cycle lobby and chamber of commerce to talk about a vision for future city traffic in Hamburg (Schalthoff Live Part 1 / Schalthoff Live Part 2). Hamburg as a city with human scale suggested from the cyclist organization with an overall speed limit of 30 km/h against the interests of car lobby and the concepts of car-oriented city, as Hamburg still is, showed the point of Hamburg´s traffic culture in face of Hamburg being European Green Capital in 2011.

hamburgize.com / Stefan Warda
Hamburg, the European Green Cycle Track Capital 2011
Hamburg, die europäische Hauptstadt der grünen Radwege 2011

Hamburg cycle traffic is still extreme far away from cycle traffic in Amsterdam or Copenhagen, the leading cycle capitals. Politicians and car lobby can not imagine to redistribute public space in the city from dominating car traffic to pedestrians, cycle traffic, open space for all and trams.

Lovely greenish cycle track with obligation to use it. Cargo-bikes and trailers are not welcome.
Wunderschöner Grünradweg mit Benutzungspflicht. Lastenfahrräder und Anhänger sind hier unerwünscht

The actual status of Hamburg traffic culture, urban planning and sustainability shows the critical study of the Hamburg Future Council about the Hafencity, the newest urban planning project in Hamburg. The Hafencity still under construction is not a place for good cycle traffic, although Hamburg wants to double cycle traffic. Future Council criticizes the missing cycle connections from the city to the Hafencity and the bad cycle infrastructure in the Hafencity. The role of cycle traffic in Hafencity is reduced only on leisure traffic.

hamburgize.com / Stefan Warda
Cycle route in Hafencity
hamburgize.com / Stefan Warda
Hamburg Green Cycle Track Capital 2011: This is the measure for newest Hamburg cycle tracks built due to the new Hamburg Bicycle Strategy to double cycle traffic from 9% to 18% until 2015.
Hamburg, die europäische Hauptstadt der Grünradwege 2011:  Dies ist der Maßstab für Hamburgs neueste Radwege gebaut gemäß der neuesten Richtlinien der Radverkehrsstrategie für Hamburg, um den Radverkehrsanteil von 9% auf 18% zu verdoppeln

Cycle traffic in the city could be so easy and a city could be much nicer with good cycle traffic, as the leading cycle cities show. Enjoy . . .

. . . Amsterdam Cycle Culture Video

Copenhagen - City of Cyclists from Copenhagenize on Vimeo.
. . . Copenhagen Cycle Culture Video

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  1. I like this post. I am writing a thesis about bicycle usage and its potential in Mandalay city, Myanmar. It is my home town. It was famous as bicycle city in Myanmar. However, nowadays bicycle becomes the low status mode and now the usage is gradually decreasing. Bicycle has not been provided as a sustainable mode and the government never think for bicycle.