8. September 2010

Jewel of Cycle Culture back again - the Postwoman at Hoheluft in Hamburg

Hamburger Fahrradkultur: Die Postradlerin ist wieder da

hamburgize.com / Stefan Warda
Jewel of cycle culture in Hamburg

Hamburg´s cyclist also have a symbol in town, the postwoman at Hoheluftchaussee close to the post-office. 2005 she disappeared from the street in front of the post-office, that had been moved to the new buildings at the former tram workshops. This summer the postwoman is back to her former place at Hoheluftchaussee, where the post office had been before the new shopping center was built.

hamburgize.com / Stefan Warda
Postwoman back in 2010
Postradlerin 2010

For many years the unsmiling postwoman looked onto Hoheluftchaussee. Maybe she looked sorrowful because of the very bad condition of the cycle track at Hoheluftchaussee directly in front of her. Hoheluftchaussee had one of the worst cycle tracks in Hamburg just at the former post-office and still cycle infrastructure at whole Hoheluftchaussee do not fulfill the regulations. The post girl seemed to show solidarity to all cyclists passing her as an advocacy, the only visible advocacy for cyclists in town. In times of Hamburg cycle traffic strategy and European Green Capital the post lady can smile someday in future hopefully. This jewel of cycle culture belongs to Hamburg and must become more popular.

hamburgize.com / Stefan Warda
Postwoman before she disappeared in 2005
Postradlerin 2005

hamburgize.com / Stefan Warda
Unsmiling postwoman before removal

hamburgize.com / Stefan Warda
A sister of the postwoman is working at a weatherstation in Copenhagen

hamburgize.com / Stefan Warda
Another relative racing with green wave on Nørrebrogade in Copenhagen

hamburgize.com / Stefan Warda
Cycle track near the postwoman some years ago


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