16. Juni 2010

New Fashionable Cycle Tracks to be Reopened

Neue modische Radwege wieder eröffnet

Wandsbek Markt now under BID this week at a lovely sunny noon

On Friday Hamburgs mayor Ole von Beust will open the new Business Improvement District (BID) in Wandsbek with it´s redesigned cycle tracks. For a period of eighteen months cyclists had to keep clear of Wandsbek Markt while the cycle tracks were interrupted. For cyclists the authorities did not offer a way along the busy main road in the center of the district of Wandsbek.

Cycle tracks have changed it´s color from ordinary hamburgish red to fashionable light dark gray. For some parts of Wandsbek Markt the sidewalks have become wider, and even the cycle tracks are wider than before in some parts. Hopefully in future time cyclists won´t get in conflicts with pedestrians like before. Lot´s of cycle racks have been implemented and invite to visit the shopping center by cycle.

In the first draft the planners suggested narrow and invisible cycle tracks in the same design like those at the famous Jungfernstieg near City Hall. The builders couldn´t be convinced to use cycle lanes. At least the cycle tracks became half visible and wider than in the first sketches.

The Wandsbek BID is second big one in Hamburg after Jungfernstieg where the investors - here the owner of the stores - pay for the new sidewalks and cycle tracks and therefore decide about the dimension and design of the cycle infrastructure.

New bus stop stops cyclists
Another new planning changes the condition of the cycle track in Bergedorf´s center. In front of the shopping center CCB cyclist will get in conflict with pedestrians and bus commuters. Local politicans decided that cyclists and pedestrians will have to share the narrow sidewalk at the future bus stop. Read in Bergedorfer Zeitung: Neuer Bushalt bremst Radfahrer

Some years ago pedestrians overcrowed the cycle tracks
Hard times for cyclists to pass the shopping center area at Wandsbek Markt the last years
Under construction: No way for cyclists, very common in Hamburg. On the traffic sign "Cyclists get off"
DESIGN: The unvisible cycle tracks at Jungfernstieg had been model for the Wandsbek cycle tracks in the BID area

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