17. Juni 2010

New "Gift" for Cyclists - Cycling on Sidewalks now Allowed

Neues "Geschenk" für Radfahrer - Radeln auf Gehwegen jetzt erlaubt

© hamburgize.com / Stefan Warda

Hamburg´s steps to become European Green Capital are small. However a new example is given by the little white traffic sign in the street Beim Schlump. Since the year 2005 cyclist have the choice either to use the cycle track, as fare as it is possible, or to use roadway. The blue traffic signs with the white cycle picture had been taken away five years ago. Now since a few weeks cyclist have a third choice. They are allowed to use even the sidewalk next to the cycle track.

The way Hamburg has choosen to push the cycle traffic is different compared to other cities. Hamburg does not reduce the space for car traffic, but Hamburg gives the cyclists more freedom. Or in other words Hamburg legalizes the former illegal practice. Because parking for cars has been allowed on the left of the small cycle tracks cyclist keep distance to the cars and cycle on the sidewalks. Not the best idea for pedestrians. But the gift to the cyclists is a little tricky. The big freedom has several exceptions. At the next intersection with traffic signals cyclist are no more allowed to use the roadway or the sidewalk. There they are forced to go back onto cycle tracks.

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