20. Juni 2010

Hamburg Bicycle Rally: More Cycles - Less Cars - Fit for the Climate

Thousands of cylists of every age reclaimed the streets in Hamburg and around for a better cycling climate in the metropolitan area. About 50 raindrops couldn´t annoy the participants during several hours on cycles for the Fahrradsternfahrt. For many of them it was a yearly ritual, for others a relief not to use the badly cycle tracks, others liked the sociability among other fellow sufferers.


  • The streets belonged to cyclists
  • Frank coordinates the Pinneberg branch of the rally
  • The crowd is waiting before entering the motor vehicle road
  • The motor vehicle road - this seven kilometers are usually not open for cyclists.
  • Thanks to Frank for guidance
  • Little Johannes heads the crowd
  • Easy going on the motor vehicle road
  • Who remembers the time when cyclists had to use the tiny sidewalks in Flurstraße?
  • No stop at red lights
  • All-in at Dammtor station

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