26. November 2010

Perfect Example for Cycle Traffic at Construction Site (2)

Perfect conditions at Dammtordamm
Vorzeigemodell für Radverkehr an Baustellen (2)

Car drivers don´t like passing Dammtordamm these days, but cyclists can feel happy about traffic management under the railway bridge near Dammtor station. Uncommonly for Hamburg construction sites cyclists have on both sides of the street ways to pass related to Dutch or Danish standards. Cyclists and pedestrians got a perfect way on the right part of the road lanes on both sides of the streets. Hopefully the good examples will become standard for the future.
Perfect conditions at Dammtordamm

Some month ago cyclists had to use detour about 4 km length at Deichtorplatz / Amsinckstraße, while car drivers and pedestrians could pass the construction site directly. Usually cyclists find a closed cycle track at a construction site, sometimes with the sign "Radfahrer absteigen" (Cyclists get off), a mixture of different traffic signs give contradictory advises, or cyclists should use the cycle track on the left site of the street for a short distance.

Usually cyclists are not welcome at Hamburg construction sites:

Very bad example Amsinckstraße / Deichtorplatz: To reach the houses beyond the bridge cyclists should have taken a detour of 4 km, while car drivers and pedestrians were allowed to pass the construction site.

Amsinckstraße / Deichtorplatz at the railway bridge: No way for cyclists

Bürgerweide / Wallstraße 2010: The cycle track ends up at construction site

"Cyclists get off": This sign is not allowed any more in Hamburg due to planning guidelines for cycle traffic, but still in use.

North Sea Cycle Route and Elbe Cycle Route at Vorsetzen 2010: Cyclists ignore the instructions

Wallstraße / Bürgerweide 2010: Very often cyclists should take a detour along the sidewalk on the left side of the street including crossing the street for two times

Classified Cycle Route No. 2 at Weidenallee 2010: Putting information plates directly on the cycle track is still very popular

Good example, cyclists are welcome here in Copenhagen

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