12. Juli 2010

From Cycle Path to Cycle Lane: New Cycle Lanes in Hamburg´s Uhlenhorst

Vom Radweg zum Schutzstreifen auf Hamburgs Uhlenhorst

Schutzstreifen Hofweg
Hofweg with new cycle lane at Averhoffstraße

These weeks the City of Hamburg is painting new cycle lanes in Uhlenhorst along Hofweg and Mühlenkamp. The new lanes are replacement for former old-fashioned small cycle paths. Finally Hamburg gives up narrow cycle paths between parking lots and narrow sidewalks. Most of the cyclists never used the old cycle paths but the sidewalks besides - in both directions.

Cycle traffic will become now faster und continuously, hopefully. The cycle lanes will not become overgrown and the surface will last longer in good condition than that of sparesly maintained cycle tracks. Even snow and ice could be removed easily. But one problem will be cars parking on the new painted lanes. Hopefully the police will control and keep the new lanes free from cars, the residents with two or more cars will buy cargobikes and sell some of their cars.

Hofweg / Averhoffstraße - frührerer "Radweg"
Hofweg / Averhoffstraße some years ago in summertime with overgrown cycle path
"Radweg" Hofweg / Averhoffstraße
Hofweg / Averhoffstraße some years ago in wintertime
Schutzstreifen Hofweg / Averhoffstraße
Hofweg at Averhoffstraße with the old erased marking for former cycle path
"Radweg" Hofweg / Averhoffstraße
Bad curbs are very common at cycle paths in Hamburg, here Hofweg at Averhoffstraße

Hofweg is the longenst part of a long stretch of a main road east of the Alster lake connecting several lower business districts and high level residential areas. The first part of the long stretch is not going to be improved. That part in Papenhuder Straße with one of worst cycle paths of Hamburg is left out. Cyclist are now allowed to use the road lanes there, but the bicycle strategy of Hamburg promises to improve all bad cycle paths, even those without the obligation to use.
That section offers more parking lots, parking is managed crosswise to the direction of the traffic. The street is wide enough, but it´s all about how to use it. Is it sufficient enough to give cyclist the choice between using the road lane or very bad and meager cycle paths as a tool to increase the cycle traffic?

"Radweg" Hofweg
Poor maintenance and very cheap and simple method of construction led to heavy problems after some years, here Hofweg at Zimmerstraße
Schutzstreifen Hofweg / Schenkendorfstraße
Hofweg at Schenkendorfstraße with new cycle lane
"Radweg" Hofweg / Schenkendorfstraße
Same place with old former cycle path
Schutzstreifen Hofweg / Winterhuder Weg
Hofweg at Winterhuder Weg with cycle lane
Früherer "Radweg" Hofweg / Winterhuder Weg
Same place some years ago. Traditionally Hamburg does not offer direct ways for cyclists at intersections
Schutzstreifen Hofweg mit Kampfparkern
Parking on the cycle lanes could develop to a new problem
"Radweg" Hofweg mit illegaler Sondernutzung
Same place some years ago, but another special Hamburgish problem for cyclists. Along many roads in business districts pedestrians don´t have any space to walk on the sidewalks because of beer-gardens or groceries
"Radweg" Hofweg mit illegaler Sondernutzung
Even in former times cars were parking in second row illegally
Hofweg - Schutzstreifen
The new cycle lane is about 1.75 m wide to the curb, the old cycle path was o.80 m to 1.20 m wide next to parking cars.

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