9. Juli 2012

Kopenhagen wird 2014 "Umwelthauptstadt"

Copenhagen will be "European Green Capital" 2014

hamburgize.com / Stefan Warda
Kopenhagen: Anstrengungen für noch mehr Radverkehr

Die Fahrradhauptstadt wird 2014 Europäische Umweltstadt. Nach Stockholm, Hamburg, Vitorai-Gasteiz und Nantes erhält auch Kopenhagen die EU-Auszeichnung.
Aus der Jury-Bewertung:

"A cyclist´s dream - The city has clearly set itself the overall goal to be the world’s best city for cyclists. The goal is to have 50% of people cycling to their place of work or education in Copenhagen in 2015 (the 2010 figure was 35%), thereby contributing to meeting the ambitious goal of CO2 neutrality by 2025. The KARMA initiative to promote cycling amongst citizens shows good buy-in from all City stakeholders, as does the city’s pedestrian strategy. Communication actions to engage citizens are very effective; Copenhageners feel they are part of the solution." (European Commission)

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