19. April 2011

Petra vermisst ihr Klapprad

Petra misses her bike

hamburgize.com / Stefan Warda

Heute morgen auf St. Pauli gesichtet. Hallo Bolzenschneidermann, bring besser das Klapprad zurück. Petra meint es sehr ernst. Hoffentlich passiert nichts Schlimmes . . . 

hamburgize.com / Stefan Warda

This morning I saw this ad . . . 
Hello a[...], 
great idea to steal my beloved, neon yellow folding bicycle. Now, that it is warmer, the cycling season starts and you happen to go with the bolt cutters around.
Maybe you've just borrowed it, and tomorrow it is back again unharmed outside my front door. If not, you can bet on it that I rip off both of your balls, if I catch you with it. 
Thanks, Petra

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