26. November 2010

Piece of Evidence for Bicycle Culture?

Beweis für Fahrradkultur?
© hamburgize.com / Stefan Warda
Post office at St. Pauli - Hamburg

"Fahrräder müssen bitte draußen bleiben!!!" - Bicycles have to stay out please!!! I noticed this sign on the door of the post office in my neighbourhood. I never noticed the sign before, although I visit the post office at least once a week. Yesterday I thought about the meaning of it. The conclusion: My neighbourhood got an award for being a cycling neighbourhood. Not only that there is the desire to visit the post office with a cycle, but even the little word "bitte" makes the conflict somehow friendly. Thank you!

At least now St. Pauli is in a row with other cycle capitals.

Does your city have bicycle culture?
Copenhagenize.com - Building Better Bicycle Cultures: 18 Ways To Know That You Have Bicycle Culture

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